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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at KNU, established in 2010, is a comprehensive four-year degree program that offers students with a high-quality, in-depth well-rounded education through the help of a professional, highly capable and academically strong faculty. The program aims to prepare determined, dynamic and market oriented students to take up future leadership roles in various national and international settings. The program curriculum is designed in such a way to not only achieve the above mentioned objectives, but also equip the students with practical professional skills. There is a blend of subjects related to finance, marketing, HR and management which enrich and highlight the potentials of the students to transform themselves into an asset for and add value to any organization and/or business firm. With the above four different specializations, the BBA program at KNU is compatible with any University both in national and international standards. In short, this program is a perfect framework to transform young graduates into effective human resource and strong business leaders.

Program Objectives

The learning goals of BBA include intellectual and behavioral competencies. Graduates are expected to possess a strong foundation for their professional and personal development and future success. It aims to evolve as a world-class progressive, cost effective & student friendly program within the KNU with career and market oriented training, quality educational services and corporate values.

Students Placement Prospects

The Khana-e-Noor University’s BBA program is focusing on bridging the gap between the demand and supply of intellectuals and entrepreneurs in today’s modern business world. Our aim is to train students to respond competently and confidently to the economic, social, and organizational challenges arising from a rapidly advancing technology, a shifting economic base, and a global market place and to enhance the capabilities of organization through research and consultancy. With innovative programs, and an emphasis on enterprise and entrepreneurship, graduates leave with skills that grant them the flexibility and know-how to lead, compete, and be successful in any contemporary business environment. Our graduates can serve their nation by placing themselves in financial, business, marketing, administration and management sectors with different private and public organizations and firms including commercial banks, central bank, insurance companies, auditing firms, accounting firms, investment agencies and other business companies and consultancies.

Content and Structure

The Department of Business Administration has been active since 2010 right from the inception of the Economics Faculty at KNU. The BBA is a four years program which consist of 8 semesters. The program includes a wide variety of subjects including accounting, finance, management, marketing, human resources, business policy and strategy, entrepreneurship, international business, and information system. In the first year, you will take courses that establish the basis and background in various subject areas related to business administration. A total of 52 subjects including Monograph, and designated study/research tours are offered in 4 years. Core subjects are 28, elective or specialized subjects are 4 for each specialization (Finance, HR, and Marketing) in two semesters 7th and 8th while KNU’s total required subjects are 17. The total number of credits are 138 which is above the 136 required threshold. To ensure that our courses remain relevant and responsive to students’ expectations, we routinely monitor the program and make necessary modifications and adjustments to the courses in order to reflect the emerging business and market demands.

There are 21 classrooms fully furnished and equipped with AC, fans, LCDs, wifi and comfortable furniture. There is one separate computer lab for students which is used for practical classes such as operation of SPSS and Quick Book and MS Office. The library is fully equipped with textbooks, recommended books, research papers and various reference materials. Use of library and reading resources is a mandatory requirement of the department. The library is equipped with computers and internet access at all times.

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