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Chairman’s Message

It is an honour and privilege for me to be the founder and member of the Chief Executive Board of Khana-e-Noor Educational Network which consists of two Universities and five schools in the country with state of the art education and quality learning services.

As our country makes progress towards development, the role of youth becomes increasingly important. We wish to be a cutting-edge university, to anticipate the needs of the future and meet them here and to create a physical environment that supports teaching, learning, and research.

KNU now stands in the community of top academic institutions in the country, firmly committed to foster quality education, research and training services. The institute continues its efforts to rise to the level of a world class institution to create new horizons in the arena of technical education and research. Curriculum innovation is addressed as the top most priority by the institute to make the courses industry and research oriented. The young dedicated and qualified faculty members are waiting to receive and lead you towards an excellent academic career for your better tomorrow.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing KNU grow and expand year by year making a real difference by providing high quality higher education and producing great talents. I am happy to welcome you to this great place for pursuit of your higher education. You should feel proud of belonging to an institution that cares when it comes to quality. KNU has good infrastructure facilities, learning resources, highly qualified faculty and committed staff.

My best wishes to all our students for a productive learning experience and our teachers to excel in their academic endeavours.

Noorullah "Daudzai"

Chairman, Khana-e-noor Educational Network

Noorullah "Daudzai"


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