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Established in 2010 (1388) as a modern academic institution registered by the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan, Khana-e-Noor University (KNU) has a strong commitment to excellence in teaching, research and social outreach. It has had the honour of having some of the most well-known academic personalities of the country as its board members, advisors and executive team including the current President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani who served as its board member for two years. Beginning with two faculties and less than 200 students, it has grown to a sizable university in the country with 5 five faculties, over 10 academic departments and nearly 1500 students. All programs, services and facilities offered by the University are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Drawing students and faculty from across the country, offering research-based learning with a student-centered approach, the University has emerged as a symbol of excellence, integrity and openness. Further, as a very distinguishing feature of its vision and through multiple private and public partnerships, the University aims to make provisions for the advancement of technical education amongst those who seek to enter the job market immediately. To achieve this vision, the University develops flexible and innovative academic programmes that cater to a very broad range of students with different background, and prepares them to compete at the national and international levels. On behalf of KNU and its leadership team, I would like to welcome you to join this educational community which inspires to dream, learn and achieve. Your every step taken in pursuit of quality education will be fruitful.

Qaseem Ludin


Mohammad Qaseem "Ludin"

Chancellor Of KNU

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