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Management Science

KNU’s Department of management Sciences offers Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program which has been designed to respond to the rapidly changing business world. There’s an unmet demand for project management, strategic management, marketing management, money Banking and Finance, Cost accounting, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Leadership, international Resource Management, conflict management, Afghan history, Financial Institutions and capital Markets brand management education.


    BBA program is a 4 year program which consists of 8 semesters. Each semester is of six month duration. A total of 45 subjects including research report are placed in the curriculum and makes a total of 138 credits. BBA degree has been designed to meet the demand of domestic and global markets.

    In Bachelors of Business Administration program you are able to study a wide variety of business subject, including accounting, finance, management, marketing, human resources, business policy and strategy, entrepreneurship, international business, and information system.

    • In first year, the students will take courses that establish a background in various subject areas related to business administration.
    • The second year concentrates more and more on core business administration subjects and prepares students ready for choosing their career.
    • In the third and final year, the students begin to develop a career focus by selecting a major, while continuing to take courses chosen from a variety of business topics. Throughout the program, liberal studies and professionally related courses broaden your perspectives and awareness of topical social, human and economic issues. Regular presentations by government and industry guests enhance the relevance of your education.

    Currently we have around 430 students in BBA program ranged from first to eight semesters in three different shifts. The total number of lecturers in the faculty are 40 in which 20 are permanent while the rest are visiting lecturers. Majority of them are M.S and PhD degree holders.


    In this modern age of technology which has reduced all the distances between countries to a single click and has changed the shape of every aspect of life from politics to economics and business. Therefore in education sector there is a need for uniform curriculum in each field of study at a world level in order to have compatibility of human beings everywhere. The below curriculum serves the same purpose.

    This curriculum is designed after conducting a research on different curriculum’s and collecting the feedback from experts working in the field of business and management. All the needs and requirements of today’s dynamic business and economic environment have taken into consideration when preparing the curriculum, therefore some new subjects have been included which are listed as well in this curriculum. The course covers a specific teaching methodology as major source of delivering the essence of business studies to the students. It includes theoretical and practical methodologies.

    In practical aspect the course is designed to highlight the major case studies which enable the students to have a greater understanding of the a particular business side. The evaluation of the students is also another important aspect which have been accommodated in the curriculum. This includes two terms named as mid and terminal which are given their own weight age according to the rules of MoHE.

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