Chairman’s Message

Khana-e-Noor Educational Network Afghanistan is not a 100% not-for-profit private education setup but “profit” is not the top most priority in our core values. Imparting quality education at the most affordable cost is what we primarily focus on. Afghanistan is in dire need of modern education through indigenous resources and at an accelerated pace. The Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has been kind enough to allow the private sector to serve their countrymen in sectors of education, public health, communication, and others.

I believe that our business community must stand together and collaborate into the mass education program of the country at their sustainable cost of operations only. We can help our government in meeting the set standards of primary, secondary, and higher education by contributing into education sector on community development and humanitarian basis first and as a profiteering enterprise later.

I feel pride that I have been serving my countrymen since 2005 in education and higher education sectors with an effort to see an Afghanistan that is 100% literate; an Afghanistan of peace, prosperity, development, and service to humanity in the name of Allah. I began with a primary private school and today Khana-e-Noor is the largest private education network in the country. Alhamdulillah!

I assure my countrymen to serve them to the best of my potentials and shall feel a pride in doing this.

The educated differs from the uneducated as much as the living from the dead.

Mr. Noorullah Daudzai
Chairman, Khana-e-noor
Educational Network