Khana e Noor

Chancellor’s Message


Khana-e-Noor University is established as one of the private higher education institutions committed to attain the goal of providing education with social responsibility, is affiliated with Seattle University Washington to collaboratively work and focus on research based-learning for students to generate significant economic growth and business opportunities in Afghanistan. KNU Plays distinctive role in providing of education in the field of Management Sciences, Computer Sciences, Law & Political Sciences, Engineering Sciences and English Proficiency Building Program with close collaboration of Seattle University which is one of the most prestigious universities in USA.

The offered programs at KNU are contemporarily designed to meet the goal of students’ need in accordance with scope and the teaching faculty with an abundance of experience at various imminent universities in their specialized field of study is the main asset committed to teach with social responsibility.

KNU aims to achieve the goal of business economic development and embrace this obligation through commitment to ensure the education provided, benefit the communities. Since university is not only the station of providing education, but also a place where research-based learning is the prime need of the modern time of rapidly growing science and technology; therefore, KNU’s main focus is on students’ research-based learning to stimulate students to avail all the opportunities made available by Seattle University’s teaching staff who are particularly fascinated to collaborate. On behalf of KNU which is established to attain the goal of quality education provider, I would like to welcome you regardless of circumstance or background to join this educational community on what I am confident will be an inspiring, challenging and enjoyable journey. Your every step taken in pursuit of quality education will be fruitful in forth.


Your aim of success is our aim aimed!

Dr.Khalid Ahmad “Kakar”

Chancellor KNU