Khana e Noor

HOD Management Science

Welcome to the Department of Management Science. We are concerned with developing and applying scientific principles through models and concepts in resolving managerial problems, in pursuit of operational excellence and managerial effectiveness. Training offered in the department opens the door to a wide range of careers, from general management, where logical, mathematical, and project based skills are much in demand, to specialized management knowledge in Business field.

We are a leading department of management and business studies in the country, especially distinguished as a centre of quality education in all relevant fields including organizational behavior, leadership, business ethics, finance, human resource management, economics and accountancy.

Our academic programs are designed to develop graduates who can recognize and resolve challenges emerging from today’s dynamic global environment. We offer a practical outlook of the industry needs to enable our graduates to relate classroom teaching to the factual realities of the country. Our undergraduate program nurtures highly competent marketing, human resource, accounting and finance professionals.

Development of soft and employability skills among graduating cohorts remain primary concern of my colleagues. Social life at the department is a worthwhile experience for students to satisfy their aesthetics. We provide an environment to take initiative and promote innovative behavior through variety of curricular and co-curricular activities.