Khana e Noor

Examination Policy

  • Examination And Evaluation Rules
    • Students are not allowed to take into the examination hall textbooks, notes or manuscript of any kind.
    • 1.2 Any student found infringing the examination rules or having recourse to unfair means may be expelled from the examination and the matter shall be reported to the chancellor who may refer his or her case for action to the disciplinary committee of the Institute.
    • 1.3 Late comers arriving at the examination hall more than 15 minutes after the start of the paper will not be allowed to enter the examination.
    • 1.4 Out of a total of 100 marks for each subject, 50% marks are allocated for internal assessment and the remaining 50% for external evaluation. The minimum marks required to pass in a subject is 60% Grades for each subject are awarded according to the following scale:
      • Grade Range
      • A 100-90
      • B 89-80
      • C 79-70
      • D 69-55
      • F 54-0 FAIL
  • Internal evaluation is done by the teacher concerned and is based on the student’s performance on the following:
    • Mid-Term Test
    • Assignments
    • Quizzes
    • Group discussion/class participation
    • Attendance
    • Project/Presentation
    • Term Paper
    • Other methods
  • External evaluation is done by Khana-e-Noor Institute of Higher Education based on student’s Performance in the Final Examination.
  • During all tests and examinations, strict discipline is maintained and violation of rules and Regulations and use of unfair means may lead to disqualification from the examination, The Semester/Quarter or the entire program. The decision of the teacher/invigilator/supervisor shall be final and binding on the student concerned.
  • The Grade Point Average (GPA) is determined by allocating the grade points
    respective grades obtained, and using the following formula:
    GPA =Sum of Grade Points for all objects / Number of Subjects
  • For successful completion of Bachelors Programs (BCS, BBA,), a Student is required to attain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. The minimum cumulative GPA requirement for Masters Programs is 2.5.