Khana e Noor


Khana-e-Noor canteen is a place where you can have a bite of something different from what is in your regular breakfast and lunch. It gives you respite from your hectic schedule while savoring the food provided there.

At first glance one might tend to overlook the humble University canteen, but on reflection most people would agree that the canteen is one of the most important parts of campus life.Canteens play indispensable roles in the life and functioning of Universities. We have a definite canteen policy; we seek to improve service and food quality.

A large proportion of students eat in University canteens every day.Since they cannot leave the University during the day; they constitute a captive market for canteens. This is not; however, never lead to exploitation through high prices or poor quality food and drinks. Khana-e-Noor University’s Canteen has a duty to feed students and staff properly. Khana-e-Noor canteen committee ensures that the canteen meets national standards for food preparation, storage, hygiene and safety.Failure to do so would result in serious health problems for staff and students who consume the fare.

Well-planned canteen supports student development and learning. We provide adequate nutrition which gives students and staff high energy levels and prevents diseases which are related to poor diet.Khana-e-Noor canteen serves food and drinks which are low in saturated fats, sugar, salt, and food dyes.

As mentioned earlier, University canteen can become trouble zones if they are not closely regulated and supervised by the committee.

Khana-e-Noor facilitates the students with a furnished and well-equipped canteen which providesstudents with the following refreshments:

Breakfast:                                Lunch:

Fried eggs                                 Soup

Boiled eggs                               Hamburger

Scrambled eggs                       German roll

Fresh coffee                             French fries

Decaffeinated coffee              Steak

Fried bread                              Sandwich


                                                  Chicken breast