Khana e Noor

University Transfer Students

Migration Admission Cases (Bachelors Programs)

Those students who intend to enroll in the Bachelor Programs (within the relevant disciplines) and those who have completed one or two semesters in other Universities or Higher Education Institutes, are required to follow the procedure mentioned below.

  • They must pass an Entry Test (exemptions can be granted looking to individual cases)
  • Immigrating students can only get admission into the relevant department/faculty.
  • The migrating student must pass the Mid-Term Exams and Terminal Exams of various subjects that were not covered by the student in previous semesters.
  • The student will demonstrate an understanding that he/she will have to pass a number of exams relevant to his/her perspective subjects before completion of the program. In case the necessary requirements as laid down by the Regulations Committee of the Institute are not met, the Institute reserves the right to terminate the admission of the student without prior notice.
  • The student will submit their application to the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) stating his/her interest to be admitted into KNU. The Ministry will then request the Institute/University (from where the student is interested to migrate) and will determine their allowance. After receiving approval from the University/Institute, the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) will write a letter to Khana-e-Noor university  for acceptance of the student. Once the approval is sought then the students’ record will be transferred to KNU.

Diploma Students Migration Cases

Diplomas from other universities/institutes can be transferred to the relevant Diploma program at KNU.