Khana e Noor

Code Of Conduct

  • Students Code Of Conduct

    Khana-e-Noor University (KNU) has been chartered by Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE), government of Afghanistan. KNU is an academic Institute committed to the educational and personal growth of its students. Students are requested to maintain the discipline so that the environment of study could be established. Any behavior considered as misconduct is a subject to disciplinary action:

    • Physical abuse of any person, including assaults, abuse or carrying arms, and ammunition in campus.
    • Failure to follow the Institute rules, regulation or policy.
    • Disruption of teaching or creating disturbances in Institute activities.
    • Sexual abuse like attempting or making sexual contact.
    • Any other activity that harms other person’s health, safety, or Institute’s functions.
    • Theft or unauthorized possession of Institute’s Property.
    • Deliberately damage to Institute Property.
    • Spreading false information among others.
    • Fraud, forgery, alteration, or unauthorized use of documents, Institute records, or instruments.
    • Carrying, drinking Alcohol and Drug materials, arms in Institute campus.
    • Entering or attempting to enter forcibly or without lawful.
    • Inappropriate dress for both males and females is restricted.
    • Any guest, friends etc are not allowed in or during classes.
    • Distributing or posting any printed posters or materials without prior approval of KIHE office.
    • Any types of harassment or threaten to any one like physical, verbal, graphic, written or verbal.
    • Theft of Computer Equipment or Software or Information or Internet theft like unauthorized access or introducing virus knowingly or unknowingly.
    • Violation of traffic rules like parking in unauthorized areas, careless driving.
    • Violation of Afghanistan Rules.
    • In the case of rejection of admission, due to any cause stated above. Fee will Not be refundable.

Note: Students have to pass all the papers of degree program as well as foundation program within the 4 year (8 semesters). If any paper remains un-passed even after 8 semesters, his degree will get collapse and he will not remain the student of KNU. Means his registration and enrollment will get cancelled automatically. KNU will not have obligation and responsibility toward such student.