Khana e Noor

Department of Management Science


KNU’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program has been designed to respond to the rapidly changing business world. There’s an unmet demand for project management, strategic management, marketing management, money Banking and Finance, Cost accounting, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Leadership, international Resource Management, conflict management, Afghan history, Financial Institutions and capital Markets brand management education.

BBA degree has been designed to meet the demand. The first two years of the BBA degree will provide a solid grounding in business fundamentals while the later years will provide a focus on strategic marketing so that you’re able to assess and articulate the impact of marketing on the overall objectives and performance of an enterprise. There’ll be an emphasis on marketing analysis and planning, and marketing communications and sales.

You’ll also have the option of selecting one of three inter-disciplinary options: International Business; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; and Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. This will build your capacity to respond to new situations in a rapidly changing world and help you succeed personally and professionally in ways that better society.

To ensure your success the BBA degree features an innovative educational approach that guides you in the development of your critical, creative and reflective thinking capacity. This will allow you to develop your personal awareness while also being able to fully evaluate business processes so that you’re able to draw and articulate defensible conclusions in response to complex business situations. In your final year you must also complete a community based Integrated Industry Project or Research Thesis. In parallel with your academic studies, you’ll also develop a Creative Learning Portfolio which fosters your self-awareness, reflective practice and an open mindset through the integration of activities.


In this modern age of technology which has reduced all the distances between countries to a single click and has changed the shape of every aspect of life from politics to economics and business. Therefore in education sector there is a need for uniform curriculum in each field of study at a world level in order to have compatibility of human beings everywhere. The below curriculum serves the same purpose

This is the curriculum of BBA (Bachelor in business administration) which is a 4- years degree program. This consists of 8-semesters and each semester is of 6 months. Total credits for the program are 136. This curriculum is designed after conducting a research on different curriculums and collecting the feedback from experts working in the field of business and management. All the needs and requirements of today’s dynamic business and economic environment have taken into consideration when preparing the curriculum, therefore some new subjects have been included which are listed as well in this curriculum. The course covers a specific teaching methodology as major source of delivering the essence of business studies to the students. It includes theoretical and practical methodologies. In practical aspect the course is designed to highlight the major case studies which enable the students to have a greater understanding of the a particular business side. The evaluation of the students is also another important aspect which have been accommodated in the curriculum. This includes two terms named as mid and terminal which are given their own weight age according to the rules of MoHE.