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Khana e Noor

Our Address

Khana-E-Noor University

Address: Puli-Mahmmod Khan Shashdarak, Kabul, Afghanistan

Tel : 0093 794262626

Tel : 0093 794252526

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Chancellor Contact

Dr. Khalid Ahmad “Kakar”

Cell: +93794262626 / +9379252526

Email: chancellor@khana-e-noor.edu.af

Reception Contact

Leeda "Sayed"

Cell: +93794252526 / +93794252526

Email: reception@khana-e-noor.edu.af

Finance Department Contact

Mohammad Ayaz "Afridi"

Cell: +93786962463

Email: finance@khana-e-noor.edu.af

IT Department Contact

Habibullah “Massoud”

Cell: +93700 485 933 / +93744 007 857

Email: it.m@khana-e-noor.edu.af

HR Department Contact

Mohammad Javid “Sahil”

Cell: +93772784437

Email: hr@khana-e-noor.edu.af

Database Department Contact

Noor Ahmad “Ferozi”

Cell: +93787911516

Email: database@khana-e-noor.edu.af

Computer Science Contact

Abdul Moneer "Habibyar"

Cell: +93771407236

Email: bcs@khana-e-noor,edu.af

Management Science Department Contact

Shahid "Ali"

Cell: +93784321413

Email: bba@khana-e-noor.edu.af

HOD of Law Political Science Contact

Mohammad Javed “Sahil”

Cell: +93772 784 437

Email: law@khana-e-noor.edu.af

HOD of Engineering Contact

 Abdul Raqib "Ekleel"

Cell: +93780680171

Email: engineering@khana-e-noor.edu.af

English Language Department Contact

Ali "Sadat"

Cell: +93794252526

Email: english.hod@khana-e-noor.edu.af

Student affairs Coordinator Contact

Mohammad Javed “Sahil”

Cell: +93772 784 437

Email: student@khana-e-noor.edu.af

Examination Department Contact

Sayed Omar “Karokhail”

Cell: +93797459538

Email: examination@khana-e-noor.edu.af

Security Department Contact

Mohammad Rahim "Zaman"

Cell: +93700258203

Email: security@khana-e-noor.edu.af

Record Department Contact


Cell: +93775730002

Email: record@khana-e-noor.edu.af

Library Contact

Zainullah “Sadat”

Cell: +93707677071

Email: library@khana-e-noor.edu.af