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Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS)

This program of study leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Sciences. It is accredited by the ministry of Higher Education, Kabul, Afghanistan. It totally consists of 144 credit hours in complete course. A Total of 45 subjects along with their division in Core, elective and compulsory is included in the curriculum. In this degree, 30 subjects are core courses, 11 courses are University requirements and 10 are Elective. From these 10 elective courses students have to select 4 subjects, 2 subjects each, in final semester. This program gives the students a broad and in-depth knowledge of and practical kills in computer science. Core courses provide foundations in programming, data structures, programming languages, computer architecture, systems software, and theoretical foundations of computing. This major incorporates a significant experiential component, involving teamwork, internships, and undergraduate research. Many courses require students to work in teams to solve technical problems. Teams formulate solutions, present, and defend their work.

Students are also afforded opportunities to do research with faculty members using a fully equipped and modern research facility and its resources at KNU. In the capstone course sequence, student teams perform the entire software lifecycle to develop an application for a departmental, university, or corporate client. Students must meet the design, depth, and breadth requirements in the department in the selection of these courses. Students are encouraged to discuss an appropriate program with their advisors.

Program’s Objective:

The Main objectives of computer science program are the knowledge, skills and experiences that enable graduates to model, simulate, and solve computational problems using appropriate theoretical and experimental methods, producing reliable and secure systems; to think critically and creatively, communicate clearly, work effectively with others, and develop leadership skills; to integrate computational principles with social, business, and ethical issues in modern society in the process of decision making; to be professionally engaged in serving the needs of business, industry, government, and academic organizations and to grow professionally through activities such as graduate study, continuing education, professional certifications, and participation in professional organizations.

The Department of Computer Science has played a significant role in nurturing computer education in the region. Despite its relatively short history as a formal academic discipline, computer science has made a number of fundamental contributions to science and society. Presently the Department runs only the BCS program; Moreover, it is planning to start the MCS program in the future. Presently more than 450 students pursue their bachelor in computer sciences at KNU. Research is being conducted in diverse areas like Information Security, Information Systems, Software Engineering, Data Communication, Distributed Computing, Image Processing, Data Warehouses, and Knowledge Management. The Department organizes various academic events throughout the year such as observing telecommunication day, arranging Practical tours for students to different organizations. The BCS curriculum is designed based on a proper assessment, research and market survey. Keeping in view the new infrastructure of Afghanistan, future technological changes and market demand we visited the following sectors and organizations for their needs in the field.

Student Placement Prospects:

With a Bachelor’s degree, students can follow many different paths such as Software Engineer, Licensed, ethical hacker, System engineer, Backend developer, Senior software engineer, Manager, Senior software engineer, Kernel engineer, Project Manager, Application developer, Computer and information system management, Computer scientist, Computer support specialist, Computer systems analyst, Computer systems designer, Computer programmer, Database administrator, Network administrator and Network system analyst.

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